I Am Now A Writer for “The Artifice”


I am so excited to announce that my first article has finally been accepted and published on The Artifice: an online, peer-reviewed web magazine that focuses on well-founded, unbiased, analytical discussions on all types of media, but most especially film, tv, and anime. So I always thought it would be a great place for me.

I have now placed an icon on my site indicating that I am now a published writer for The-Artifice.

It is such a vindication for me to know that the editors and other writers there like and approve of my writing, as I so far have only gotten approval from my closest family and friends. And while my writing has always been rather analytical–I try to cover all of my subjects from multiple angles, not just a single biased view-point–I still had to work quite a while to get to something that was of a style and approach that would fit within The Artifice’s guidelines. So as you can imagine, I won’t be writing for them nearly as often as I do here.

You can check out my first article, entitled “Should Children’s Films Be Dark or Light?”

It’s a subject I was very glad to speak more about, because I have been contemplating this topic for many years, and it has come up often in my previous reviews of some of the films I mention.

Now that I have been accepted onto this platform, I feel it will be wise for me to savor any of my deeper and more broad discussions for their site, rather than try to write them here. And since they don’t accept single reviews anymore, I will always have something to talk about on the blog. So no need to worry about my activity shifting away. I’ll always have more stuff to write about. It’s just a matter of having the free time to do it, for here or there.

I’m not sure what my next topic will be on The Artifice. But I encourage everyone who has been reading my blog to go check them out, and please check out my newest article and see what you think. I’m quite proud of what I was able to accomplish with it.



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