“Bill & Maggie” Short Film Update: Creating the Chimera Interior



I’m posting two reblogs from my short film’s official website today to help promote our progress.

If you are unfamiliar with that this is about, I am in the process of completing the visual effects on my short film, “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service,” and I just posted four new update articles on the film’s website last night.

“Creating the Chimera Interior – Part 2” >

The first of these articles covers the process of how I designed and created the digital set extension for the interior of our main space-ship vessel in the film, called the Chimera. Half of the set was real so that our actors could step right on it, but the front end of it didn’t exist until recently, because it all had to be added in with computer models made from scratch.

If you’d like to learn more about the film and see plenty of other behind the scenes materials, look no further than our website, which you can reach through that link above, or right here: Bill & Maggie Film >



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