“Bill & Maggie” Short Film Update: Our Latest Creations


My second reblog for my short film’s website is a full update article on the latest digital models that have been created to populate the universe of the film.

“Production Update: Our Latest Creations” >

“Bill & Maggie” takes place 500 years in the future, when steam power has somehow become the chief source of energy again, all space ships take off from water, the planets, moons, and stars are a lot more colorful than they used to be, and we are capable of warping across space through electrically generated hyper-space jumps. So it’s a big mish-mash of concepts.

The two main space ships featured in the film are The Chimera, and a small Shuttle Craft that serves as a camper van of sorts. Captain Bill Sprocket, one of our protagonists, commandeers this camper van from some unfortunate bystanders (off screen) in order to chase after his ship after it is stolen by some unknown hijackers.

The article above lays out the first rendered shot of our Chimera, which is literally a combination of 5 different vehicles all in one. The shuttle craft, both inside and out, and a few extra images as well.



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