ReBlog: Star Wars – How the Prequel Trilogy Enhances The Force Awakens


My 2nd Article on The Artifice has now been published, and is once again featured on the front page.

Star Wars: How the Prequel Trilogy Enhances The Force Awakens

This article may indeed polarize some readers, as it gives praise to the Prequel trilogy in some respects. And due to the recent and unusual backlash towards The Force Awakens from some die-hard fans, it may also turn off some of those who think the new movie is not worthy of as much praise or admiration.

But, this is simply my opinion on the matter, as I think what I explain here is precisely what Lucas Film and Disney are trying to do with the franchise: make it one continuous canon. Despite how some feel about this all now, in time the franchise and this new film will find its footing, and many of the people who have turned against The Force Awakens now may come to embrace it a couple of months to a few years down the road, especially once Rogue One and Episode VIII are released.

I hope you enjoy my deeper look at The Force Awakens from a unique perspective.



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