There are many, many obscure, underrated, or perhaps even forgotten films that I am very excited to talk about. And plenty that I may have not even thought of, or perhaps don’t even know about yet. As I’ve stated in my About section, this blog is devoted to delving into the deeper concepts as well as the production quality of each film that I cover. And so this may not really be the best place to get a quick bullet-pointed review for easy access. Rather this is a place to learn about the quality of a film in-depth, and whether or not its content is worth your time and investment. It is also a place to discover and learn new things about films that you already watch and enjoy.

So if there is a film from your childhood, a random poster or trailer you once saw that intrigued you, or maybe something that you’ve been wanting to check out but weren’t too sure about renting it or buying it; then this is a great place to make a review request to get some info.

Feel free to make your request in the comment section below, or in any comment section on any review. And don’t hesitate to request more than one title; but please keep it down to 5. I accept movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime, and even video-games.

If you’re unsure about what I’ve already reviewed, there is a Blog Index at the top, which includes all of my reviews and essays in alphabetical order.


In addition, depending on the request or suggestion you make, I may or may not have immediate access to the title in question. And so if I am very interested in reviewing said title, purchasing a copy of it is likely going to be a requirement. However, for your convenience and consideration, I recently posted a video about my current DVD/Blu-ray/VHS collection, as of Sep. 1, 2014.

Within my collection, I have dozens of titles that I intend to talk about in the near future; and the collection is continuing to steadily grow as the new year rolls on. So if there is a title here in my collection that you would especially like me to discuss in a written, or even video review; then please also feel free to chose from the titles featured here.

Furthermore, I would just like to make it clear that while I may own many popular films like The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Star Trek, and The Dark Knight Trilogy; I have no plans to talk about them. As my tagline says, this blog is designed to cover rare, obscure, or underrated titles: films and tv shows that would otherwise NOT be talked about. These example above you can learn about from just about anywhere; but the stuff that I try to cover is much harder to come by. Some of them may not even have a full synopsis or review to speak of. So please try to keep your suggestions to lesser known titles. Thank you.